Hi there! I’m Earl Peter, a web developer from Philippines! People usually call me “Early” or names like that.

Because the Lord is always with me, fear shall not move me.

Ps. 16:8 simplified

You can contact me through the contact page. For business inquiries, you can contact me through my LinkedIn profile.

Recent Posts

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    PHP Email Forwarder

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    PHP Combine Path

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About me

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed to design and build! Lego, building blocks, and other non-sense trash here and there. First on the dream list, an architect. I also started to play the piano when I was 6. Next on the dream list, being a pianist. I tried joining competitions, practicing every day but was never able to win even runner-ups.

I began to think those silly art ideas (drawing, architectural design, and attempted music compositions) are childish and not really attention-worthy. Huh, too much for an 8-year-old kid to think? My parents, however, still encouraged me to follow my dreams. “School will refine that hidden talent in you”, they said.

Doubting my skills, I started to find new hobbies and ended up creating random maps for the game Nemesis of the Roman Empire. It even included a C script for you to configure game conditions and user interaction. I don’t know what it was, so I called it a sequence since it does one line of code at a time.

I opened existing maps as a reference and took note of how they did what they did and wrote it down in my notebook. At age 10, I learned about game’s callable methods, conditions, and loops! I use to call them commands, if’s, and repeaters. (I’ll try to recreate them now so you’ll have an idea of what it was)

Sadly, my parents aren’t tech-savvy, so eventually, I lost the copy of the maps I made a few years later. However, my uncle noticed I wrote code and achieved something awesome! He even recommended me a few tutors and online help where I can learn more. When I finished highschool, I learned about HTML, CSS, and even a little PHP.

Not everything started great. I solve problems every day but face more problems the time I fix my previous mess. To fail from time to time is only human, but to be a failure is when we are defeated by failure, refusing to rise and try again.

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