Hi there! I’m Earl Peter, a web developer from the Philippines!

Because the Lord is always with me, fear shall not move me.

Ps. 16:8 simplified

You can contact me through the contact page. For business inquiries, you can contact me through my LinkedIn profile.

Recent Posts

  • PHP Email Forwarder

    PHP Email Forwarder

    PHP Email Forwarder automatically gets all unread message from a specified IMAP/POP3 email account. Then forwards using PHP Mail() it to another email address or list of email addresses. You may use this for your company email, in which, messages received can be forwarded to multiple employees.Read More »
  • Better Error Handler for WordPress Debugging

    Better Error Handler for WordPress Debugging

    Some WordPress errors may not be specific, especially with giant call stacks. With this simple script, WordPress Debugging for you will be made easy!Read More »
  • PHP Combine Path

    PHP Combine Path

    PHP Combine Path, roughly equivalent to .Net's Path.Combine where this combines two strings as path, handling when to place separators between two strings.Read More »

About me

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed to be an architect. I also started to play the piano when I was 6 (around 2004). So, I also dreamed of being a pianist. But I guess those dreams are too unrealistic.

When I finished high school, I learned about HTML, CSS, and even a little PHP.

To fail from time to time is only human, but to be a failure is when we are defeated by failure, refusing to rise and try again.

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