Some of The Taoism Symbolisms in Huohuo’s Trailer

NOTE: I do not play the game and I cannot comment much about her story.

Listen to Chinese Version of the trailer here:

Taoism (道教 dàojiào) is a religion (and a philosophy of life) common in China. It was later influenced with Buddhism when it was introduced during the Song Dynasty (960–1279).[i]

Because Huohuo is an exorcist, she uses Fulu, chanting, prayers, and the physical gestures to drive away the spirit. Taoist exorcisms includes almost all of those.[ii]

Fulu (符箓 fúlù)

Talismans are typically strips of paper written (drawn) written by trained monks. They can contain non-character symbols (just symbols). They are used to drive away evil spirits. Some even hang these on their doors.[iii]

The words written are “生生不息” (shēngshēng bùxī) which roughly translates to “endless life”. (These are also Qiqi’s voice lines).

Chinese talisman for protection (from Wikimedia)

Bagua (八卦 bāguà)

This is created using the eight trigrams, “乾 Qián (Heaven), 巽 Xùn (Wind), 坎  Kǎn (Water), 艮 Gèn (Mountain), 坤 Kūn (Earth), 震 Zhèn (Thunder), 離 Lí (Fire), 兌 Duì (Lake).”[iv]

Fuxi’s “Earlier Heaven” bagua arrangement (From Wikimedia)


Two incantations were used in this trailer. First, the Heart Spell (净心神咒 jìng xīnshén zhòu) used to purify the body and mind (at 0:47).[v]

Qūxié, fù mèi, língfú, bǎomìng
Exorcise, Bind, Talisman, Save (One’s) Life

The second one (1:27) is from the Taoist Purifying Mantra (净心神咒 jìng xīnshén zhòu)

(Jiǔ chǒu zhī guǐ, zhī rǔ xìngmíng. Jí xū dǎi qù, bùdé jiǔ tíng. Jí ji rú lǜlìng)
Nine evil spirits, I know your name. Leave now. Urgently as I command.

Ziwei Emperor (紫微讳 zǐ wēi huì)

One of the Four Sovereigns (四御 Sì yù). They are the highest sky deities and subordinate only to the Three Pure Ones (三清 Sān qīng).[vi] Ziwei has a wide range of responsibilities—from observing the cosmic calamities to the rise and fall of nations, to the ascension and descent of immortals in the Three Realms, and even to the happiness and longevity of all living beings. His divine powers also include subduing the demons in the Three Realms.[vii] His emblem (in a circle with the Bagua) is shown when Tail took over Huohuo.

Other Trivia

Her name “藿 (Huò)” is a Chinese patchouli flower, an aromatic herb in the mint family.

Patchouli Flower (From

She calls her Tail “尾巴大爷 Wěibā dàyé” or Uncle Tail.

And my trip to a temple in Suzhou…