PHP String Contains

PHP String Contains is a simple function I created. Quiet similar to strpos or strstr, but in my case, I have used this in most ...
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Graduation Day 2019 Photo

Thank you so much, Graduation 2019

Graduation 2019 Photo Finally graduated! What an achievement! I would like to take this time to thank my college teachers and faculty. They have helped ...
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My Little Pony – Excited Cozy Glow (Vector)

Cozy Glow Excited (Season 8, Episode 22 “What Lies Beneath”) Mobile Wallpaper I don't care if she's evil inside. She's just cute! I'm glad this ...
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earlpeterg instagram top 9 2018

My 2018 in a nutshell

@earlpeterg Instagram top 9 2018 2018 was indeed a year of success for me. I learned a lot and I can say I improved my ...
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Cozy Glow - You Just Arent The Pony I Have in Mind (Mobile)

My Little Pony – Cozy Glow – You Just Aren’t The Pony I Have in Mind (S08E26)

Cozy Glow (Season 8, Episode 26 "School Raze, Part 2") Mobile Wallpaper You Just Aren't The Pony I Have in Mind. Cozy Glow (Season 8, ...
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Sandbar - You Disappoint Me (S08E22) iPhone

My Little Pony – Sandbar – You Disappoint Me (S08E22)

Sandbar the Pony (Season 8, Episode 22 "What Lies Beneath") Mobile Wallpaper I don't care if I disappoint you. You disappoint me. Sandbar the Pony ...
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PHP Email Forwarder

An Automatic IMAP/POP3 Email Forwarder Download Fork on GitHub About this project PHP Email Forwarder automatically gets all unread message from a specified IMAP/POP3 email ...
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Better Error Handler for WordPress Debugging

As a theme or plugin developer, WordPress debugging may be a pain as some errors may not be specific, especially if you have a giant ...
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PHP Combine Path

PHP Combine Path is a simple function I created that is roughly equivalent to Microsoft .NET’s Path.Combine method. This function combines two strings into a path. However, ...
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