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Better Error Handler for WordPress Debugging

Some WordPress errors may not be specific, especially with giant call stacks. With this simple script, WordPress Debugging for you will be made easy!

As a theme or plugin developer, WordPress debugging may be a pain as some errors may not be specific, especially if you have a giant class->function call stack. With this simple WordPress Error Handler script, you can view the call stack of the errors you get.


  1. Create wp-error-handler.php file in your wp-content/mu-plugins directory.
  2. Copy the contents as provided in the source code below.
  3. Setup WP_DEBUGWP_DEBUG_DISPLAY, or WP_DEBUG_LOG in wp_config.php to true.

Setting it Up

Below is the code provided you need to set up. In your wp-content/mu-plugins directory create a file wp-error-handler.php. WordPress will automatically load the file as it is a Must Use Plugin. You may read more about must use plugins here.

You have to define the constant WP_DEBUG as true to enable the error handler. To display errors on your web browser, set WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY as true.

You also have the choice to write the errors to the WordPress’s debug log file (/wp-content/debug.log) by enabling WP_DEBUG_LOG constant.

In an event of an error, a message similar to the screenshot below will be displayed.

Example Screenshot

Image Taken at Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, edited with Prisma AI.